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The Push is a transparent, hand-wired, all analog true bypass overdrive that has too many applications to count. 

This organic overdrive pairs perfectly with both electric guitar, bass, and even warms up synth tones to add clean sparkly boost, warm saturation, juiced overdrive, and everything in between.


With two knobs, the Push can go from a clean boost, a mild overdrive, even entering early distortion territory. Every position of the Master knob (left) and Push Knob (right) has a very usable and unique sound that adds that perfect push over the edge (see what we did there?) that your amp or modeler needs. 

Use it stand alone or in combination with other pedals to drive your signal into rich, harmonic overdrive that will beef up and sweeten your guitar tone.

Pedals are hand made in Nampa, Idaho with hand selected components and a white LED that can be seen in both dark and light environments. 

Pedals are built to order, please allow 2-5 days for build time.

3.94 in x 1.97 in x 1 in

20mA draw

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