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Stereo Audition

Stereo Audition

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The Audition Looper is a must have for any pedal board. Huge functionality in a small-foot print, the Audition looper is a stereo TRS junction box to audition a pedal into your rig without rewiring your setup!

This is a perfect addition to your pedal board as it lets you quickly and efficiently test if a pedal is worthy of your precious board real estate before fully committing!

What sets this solution apart is that it is the smallest enclosure on the market, AND you can audition mono TS pedals OR stereo TRS pedals, with the help of a break out TRS to TS/TR cables. To make it more convenient, when there is nothing plugged into the send and return, the pedal passes signal without the need of an always-plugged patch cable.

We also included a power jack so that all you need to do is plug power and patch cables into the Stereo Audition and you have the ability to have a simple and complete junction box for any pedal you want to try!

Dimensions for the pedal are a just 3.65” x 1.52” x 1.22"
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