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The Deputy Plus

The Deputy Plus

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The Deputy Plus is the perfect partner to the HX Stomp and Helix family.

From face value, The Deputy Plus selects Snapshots 1, 2, and 3 and also includes a tap tempo switch on the bottom right, freeing up your foot switches on the unit to whatever you need them to be. 

The Deputy Plus sports an OLED screed to show what switch is currently displayed. 
Our favorite addition to The Deputy Plus is the addition of a TRS jack that enables you to add a dual switch pedal, while keeping the EXP jack on the Stomp open! Now you can have an expression pedal AND a 2 button foot switch!

But The Deputy has a secret…multiple button presses trigger other useful functions to further unlock your Line 6 device, PLUS a second page to enable 3 extra midi switches:


-Pressing switches 1+2 = Preset Up

-Pressing switches 3+tap = Preset Down

-Pressing switches 2+tap = Page Toggle

-Pressing switches 1+3 = Toggle Foot Switch Mode

-Long press tap = Tuner Page

Secondary Page: Block Bypass

-Switch 1 = CC#10

-Switch 2 = CC#11

-Switch 3 = CC#12

-Tap (Long press tap) = Tuner Page

To use the expression jack, simply plug a TRS pedal into the pedal and into the 2 button momentary footswitch and you are good to go! Pressing both switches at the same time will active the tuner.

4.41 x 2.4 x 1.26 inches.

Pedals are built to order, please allow 2-5 days build and handle it time to ship

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