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The Sheriff V2

The Sheriff V2

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Based off of valued feedback, The Sheriff V2 has improvements in button spacing, enclosure size, and being more efficient with less switches, while being pedalboard space conscious.

The Sheriff is a pre-programed MIDI controller for any midi capable device, but is best utilized for the HX Stomp and Line 6 Helix pedals.
This can also be programmed to be a universal MIDI controller for all your other pedals.

6 soft touch foot switches and a 2” OLED screen pair together to bring full customized MIDI Functionality to your pedal board.

If you have and HX Stomp or a Helix family pedal, The Sheriff is out of the box to function as (from left to right, as the switches are shown):

Page 1:

Snap shot 1 | Snap shot 2 | Snap shot 3

Foot Switch 4 | Foot Switch 5 | Tap /Tune 

Page 2:
Preset 1 | Preset 2 | Preset 3

Preset 4 | Preset 5 | Tap /Tune

Page 3:

Bypass 1 | Bypass 2 | Bypass 3

Bypass 4 | Bypass 5 | Bypass 6

(Tap is single press, hold for .75 seconds to get to the tuner page on the tap switch)

Combination Press:

Snap 1 + Snap 2 = Preset Down

Snap 2 + Snap 3 = Preset Up

FS 4 + FS 5 = Secondary Page Left

Tap/Tune + Tap/Tune = Secondary Page


Secondary Pages: these are other pages of options for the 6 buttons inside The Sheriff. This can be any function or layout you want, whether it be buttons to control the looper, PC channels to recall your favorite preset anywhere on the stomp or just a different button layout, say snapshots 1-4 if you have the Stomp XL or separate tap and tune buttons.

The expression jack allows you to use a TRS cable to use any momentary two button switcher. This allows you to use both a two button switcher and expression pedals with the HX Stomp and Helix products. This can also be configured as extra preset switches if you don’t use the HX Stomp or if you would like to recall specific presets. Just let us know at checkout if you want them as PC commands. The default is set to control footswitches 4 and 5 for HX Stomp, 7 and 8 for the XL.  

5.7 x 3.74 x 1.95"

9v DC, Center negative, 20mA draw.

Please allow 3-5 days for build time. 

With this being said, this is also a customizable pedal upon order, so if you want a different layout for out of the box/plug and play function, shoot us a message at check out of before hand to set up a custom layout free of charge!

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